ms_bailey (ms_bailey) wrote in rhsjuniors,

The Red Badge of Courage

I'm expecting a large influx of comments about _Red Badge_ between today and tomorrow. I'm hoping everyone is getting close to the end by now and I hope you are all having a great vacation!

The primary purpose of this post is to request that you spell check your posts or comments before submitting them. There is a button at the botttom that allows you to do so. I know this type of forum is a much more informal style of writing, and I actually like that about it. However, in some cases, spelling errors/ typos can affect people's ability to understand you. Also, this site is public- so we need to think about how we are presenting ourselves to the world.

So far the posts on this blog have been quite thought-provoking. I look forward to reading more of your impressions of _Red Badge_.
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